There are a number of valuable resources available to customers who are utilizing Q-global for their scoring and reporting needs.

  • Webinars for Q-global - Find upcoming webinars on the Q-global test page Training tab at
  • Training - Getting Started with Q-Global Training Series - View these brief training modules about various activities related to Q-global. These training modules are also located in the Help Menu within the Q-global site.
  • Resource Library - Once logged into your Q-global account, you can access the Resource Library which is located in the menu bar at the top of the screen throughout Q-global. The Resource Library contains documents and files related to assessment products available on Q-global which can be used to help optimize your use of Q-global and answer questions. The structure is set up by assessment, with sub-folders within each. The Restricted folder is available to users with the appropriate qualification level for administering the assessment. The General folder is available to any user that has access to the system.
  • Resources include:

    • Import Examinee file format
    • Export Map (describes each column in the system generated .csv file)
    • FAQs