PLATFORM Functionality

You can access your Q-global account through any Internet-connected device to manage and retrieve examinee information, generate scores from assessment data, and produce accurate, comprehensive assessment reports. All of these activities are performed in a secure, private web environment that helps professionals streamline their assessment workflow while complying with widely accepted data privacy standards. The web-based nature of Q-global provides users with unprecedented flexibility in accessing and performing their work anytime and anywhere.

Your Q-global account is initially set up with a main parent account. From this account you can create sub-accounts as a way of managing sites, departments, or examiners. The system is flexible enough to allow you to control how your account hierarchy is structured. Showing your account structure in this tree format provides you with a visual representation of your account, sub-accounts, and users.

Account hierarchies allow the parent account to grant certain access to sub-account users. This hierarchical structure aids in generating reports at different levels for those products that have group reports available. New sub-accounts will inherit (auto-populate) the attributes (address, regional setting, portfolios, and qualification levels) of the parent account and may be modified for the sub-account.

The first page displayed when you log in to the system is the Examinee List. From here you can view and manage Examinee records as well as assign an assessment and add or delete an examinee. In addition, you also have the option of importing examinee demographics into the system or exporting examinee demographics, items/raw scores, and derived scores on assessments that have been previously reported on.

Groups are designed to easily assign one or more assessments to a group of examinees. This offers users who administer assessments to larger populations an efficient means of managing assessments, scores, and reports.

From the Report tab you can search for a specific assessment record or records. If you do not want to narrow down the results, you can leave the field blank. Any field that does not contain a value will be ignored by the system when the search is executed. The results are returned in a table in the bottom portion of the page.