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IDEA - Building the Legacy of IDEA 2004

National Center for Learning Disabilities

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RTI and Learning Disability (LD) Identification Webinar Series

SLD Identification


Case Studies

There are many case studies available in PDF format.



Ellie's parents are concerned that her lack of focus, poor organization and time management skills, and ongoing struggles with reading comprehension and writing are contributing to declining motivation and increased frustration. Download PDF





Megan reports that she "hates" school because she is teased by peers, has no friends, and her teachers are "always mad at her." She acknowledges that her failure to turn in homework contributes to her low grades but explains that her grades are so low that it no longer matters whether she turns in work or not. Download PDF





Nick's parents observe him putting considerable effort into homework, especially in math, but they believe he is becoming discouraged and embarrassed by his poor grades. Download PDF



White Papers

Pearson White Paper

LDA White Paper

Behavior and Academic Intervention Pyramid


R T I webinar series

This series addresses questions and concerns regarding RTI and its components, and breaks RTI down into manageable and relevant, "real-world" scenarios. This page links to upcoming webinars and previous webinars' audio and PowerPoint presentations, and in some cases, provides additional RTI materials.