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We provide a number of resources that you can use to familiarize yourself with Q-interactive. These resources cover a wide range of topics, including iPad® set-up, test administration, and data archiving/exporting. Below is a summary of these comprehensive resources:

  • Q-interactive Quick Start Guide: This brief, 2-sided instructional guide explains how to install the Q-interactive app and iPad settings. (Download Pdf Here)
  • Q-interactive User Guide: written with easy to follow instructions and screenshots, these provide detailed instructions on how to install the Assess app, configure your iPads for test administration, and use the features. (Accessible under the Support tab of Q-interactive Central, Qiactive.com)
  • Q-interactive "Show Me" Tutorials: these brief video clips provide a quick overview of how you complete various tasks within the system, such as resetting your password, troubleshooting Bluetooth, or setting up new users. (Accessible under the Support tab of Q-interactive Central, Qiactive.com)
  • Q-interactive Practice Mode Video: Check out our "Practice Mode" feature which allows you to administer tests for training purposes without incurring a charge.
  • Watch Practice Mode Video

    Practice Mode Video (3.48 minutes)

  • Test Manuals: The administration and technical manuals for all of the tests on Q-interactive can be accessed for free as part of your subscription. Other supplemental materials such as audio files are also available for some tests like the WIAT-III and KTEA-3. (Accessible under the Support tab of Q-interactive Central, Qiactive.com)
  • On-Boarding Webinar Series: A deep dive into iPad set-up and a walkthrough of system functionality, conducted by Pearson trainers.
Watch Session 1

Session 1: Q-interactive—Proper iPad Settings & Q-interactive Central Workflow (45 minutes)

The Series schedule and recordings are posted here.



Test administration with Q-interactive takes place on two iPads that communicate with each other via a Bluetooth connection. One iPad is used to administer instructions, record and score responses, take notes, and control visual stimuli. Your client uses the other to view and respond to stimuli.

Required Hardware

A comprehensive summary of hardware requirements can be found on our technical requirements page. We recommend the following:

  • Two (2) Apple® iPad Airs or higher with iOS 8 or newer
  • One (1) capacitive-enabled stylus

You may purchase the iPads and tablet accessories from any retail store or online.

For an optimal Q-interactive experience, we also recommend you use:

  • Antiglare screen covers to minimize glare from interior lighting
  • Durable cases to protect the iPads

You may purchase the iPads and tablet accessories from any retail store or online.

Finally, while a personal computer with access to the Internet through a standard browser (e.g., Apple® Safari® 4.0 or higher Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 10.0 or higher, etc.) and iTunes® installed is not strictly necessary to use Q-interactive, it can be helpful when ordering subtests, exporting data, and to account administrators managing Q-interactive installations for groups of users.

Required Physical Components

A few subtests require a response booklet and/or manipulative items during administration. Therefore, if the tests you have requested with your purchase of an Annual License require these physical components we will provide them to you free of charge in your Q-interactive Starter Kit. For a complete listing of the Starter Kit components, please visit www.helloq.com/pricing.html/.



Q-interactive consists of two components: "Central" and “Assess.” Q-interactive "Central" is our secure web portal, which can be found at qiactive.com. It is the administrative hub where you can:

  1. Create and manage client profiles
  2. Select, customize, and save assessment batteries
  3. Search and browse available subtests

To begin, log into Central (qiactive.com) where you create the client profile and select your assessment from your library. Hitting "Send to iPad" sends that assessment to your iPad, and you are ready to begin testing.

The Q-interactive Assess App (found in the Apple App Store, downloaded onto both iPads) is where you administer the assessments. These iPads communicate with each other via a Bluetooth connection, so no internet connection is required for testing.

You use your iPad to access instructions, administer test items, record and score responses, take notes, and control the visual stimuli that the client iPad. The client uses the other iPad to view or respond to stimuli.

Once you have finished administering and scoring all of the tests in the assessment session, data syncs back to Central with the press of a button. From Central, you have permanent access to your scores, all raw examinee responses, and any notes that you took. Score reports can be generated and can be saved to your computer for later access.



We want your first experience with Q-interactive to be smooth, productive, and enjoyable. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any aspect of your Q-interactive experience (including account issues, set-up, configuration or troubleshooting), please don’t hesitate to contact us at 800.249.0659.

Your Q-interactive Team

Pearson Customer Technical Support

Phone: 800.249.0659 (Monday–Friday, 7:00AM–6:00PM CT)
Email: catechnicalsupport@pearson.com

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